Aug 17

National Coffee Month: Chicago’s Best Spots

Man Pouring CoffeeYou rise from bed to the scent of freshly ground coffee, brewing deep and dark, announcing the arrival of a sacred moment. As you pour the steaming liquid into your mug, you whisper a soft word of gratitude.

When the coffee reaches your lips, the warmth of the moment overwhelms you. The comforting sensation travels from your lips down to your stomach. You know the feeling.

August is National Coffee Month, and now is the time to give your taste buds a treat by checking out some of Chicago’s top coffee stops.

Intelligentsia Coffee

Recognized as one of the best providers of African and South American beverages, Intelligentsia boasts seven stops throughout Chicago. This is definitely an experience you won’t regret.

The Coffee Studio

Known as one of the top coffee shops in Chicago, The Coffee Studio offers you a cozy environment, serves Intelligentsia coffee and is a favorite among those valuing organic fare. The Coffee Studio’s organic sour cream donut is one of the most popular around.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe houses the traditional Steampunk machines and provides more than enough room to relax. It’s the biggest coffee bar in Chicago and there are four spots throughout the city. Although it doesn’t have WiFi, La Colombe never lacks for customers.

Oromo Cafe

This cafe gets creative in combining flavors from India, Turkey and Africa into some of the most sought-after and unique beverages around. If you’re into healthy living, Oromo delivers with its option for superfoods-infused coffee drinks.

Asado Coffee Company

This one-of-a-kind company uses a unique method of coffee preparation by using Japanese drippers. The Asado Coffee Company also utilizes a machine they call The Mirage, for optimal extraction for espresso.

Some more excellent coffee experiences can be had in Chicago, Illinois by visiting Caffé Umbria, Revival Cafe Bar and Sawada Coffee.

Chicago is the Place to Be

If you’re a coffee junkie like the rest of us, you may want to check out our Chicago apartments. As a resident of Presidential Towers, you’ll be just a car or bike ride away from some of the top coffee spots in Chicago. Contact us today!

Aug 17

How to Tidy Your Place Before Guests Arrive

Presidential Towers Living RoomLiving a busy life can have your life in disarray. There are so many things to see and do while also embracing the excitement of life, work and play in style. Presidential Towers makes living in Chicago apartments fun. With spacious floor plans and high-end amenities, you’ll have visitors all the time. When inviting friends or loved ones over to enjoy the barbeque and picnic area or on-site dining options, there’s a good chance your apartment will be the meeting place. Making sure your home is tidy and put-together is key. Here are a few tips:

Living Room

You want to make sure your living room is free of any stray items like clothes, papers or trash. Get a clothes basket and make a clean sweep. You can put this in your huge closet where no one will see it. Grab the vacuum or a broom and go over the floor. If you have tile or hardwood, now’s the time to get the mop or Swiffer and make things happen.


Make sure all the dishes are out of the sink and into the dishwasher to start a quick cycle. Throw out anything in the refrigerator that smells bad, and wipe down the shelves with cleaner. The countertops and stove should be free of food and debris. Go over the floor with the broom and mop if you need to. Last, but not least, take out the trash.


Make sure the toilet, sink and tub are clean. Wash the rugs and mop the floor. Put out clean towels if that’s a part of your décor, and spray a deodorizer. Don’t neglect little areas like the mirror, and empty the wastebasket.


If you’re expecting guests to peek into your bedroom, remove everything you don’t want to be seen and place it in the closet. Organize the things on your dresser or put them in a basket. Now would be a good time to change the linen.

You’re done! Now you can relax and wait for guests to arrive. At Presidential Towers, it’s luxury living at its finest. For more information on our floor plans and countless amenities, give us a call!

Jul 17

Chicago’s Best Must-Try Burgers

Burger on PlateChicago may be the land of pizza and hot dogs, but the burgers there are also delectable. Thankfully, your Chicago apartment is located near several excellent burger joints, where you can order the following:

6 Burgers Worth Trying in Chicago

  • The Neurosis at Kuma’s Corner. If your idea of a wonderful burger includes onions and horseradish mayo, you’ll instantly fall in love with the Neurosis. The burger also includes sautéd mushrooms, sharp cheddar, and Swiss cheese.
  • Classic Burger at Parts and Labor. Sometimes, all you need is a simple burger with no frills. You’ll find that at Parts and Labor, and for an appealingly low price. Best of all, the pickles are dispersed in a way that ensures you get just a little bit with every bite.
  • Mott Burger at Mott Street. The eponymous Mott Burger resulted from Eater Chicago’s challenge for the restaurant to place a burger on its menu. The challenge paid off, and the result was a delectable specimen with hoisin aioli, pickled jalapenos, sweet potato shoestrings, and American cheese.
  • Big Stuff Bacon Meltdown at Good Stuff Eatery. If you love bacon, this burger’s for you. It features a double patty, an abundance of bacon, double cheese, tomato, and of course, the highly-acclaimed Good Stuff sauce.
  • Slagel Farms Beef Burger at Owen & Engine. With premium ingredients and exceptional presentation, it’s easy to see why the Slagel Farms Beef Burger regularly makes best-of burger lists in Chicago. The burger is simple: onions and brisket meat, atop a potato bun. It’s also the juiciest and most flavorful burger you’ll find in the Windy City.
  • Southwest Burger at Victory’s Banner. Burger options are thankfully abundant for vegetarians and vegans in Chicago, and often, they’re just as delicious as meat-based burgers. This is certainly true of the Southwest Burger at Victory’s Banner, which features plenty of greens, a tamari-mayo spread, and melted cheddar. If you’re vegan, request the burger without the spread or cheese; it’ll still taste yummy.

Whether your idea of the perfect burger features bacon, greens, mushrooms, or sweet potato shoestrings, you’ll have no problem finding a burger that fits your tastes in Chicago.

Presidential Towers is conveniently located near several of Chicago’s top burger spots. Contact us today to learn more about our location and amenities.

Jul 17

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Fridge and Keeping it That Way

Presidential Towers KitchenA clean refrigerator provides more benefits than simply opening up space to keep more fresh cold food in Chicago apartments. It will also help you keep your refrigerator smelling fresh, help prevent odor transfer to your food, and ensure that you don’t get any bad surprises when you open your fridge’s storage containers. Despite these benefits, you may think that keeping your fridge clean is too big of a job to tackle. Here are a few tips for getting started and making the project a fast and simple task once the preliminary work is complete:

1. Stop Grocery Shopping for a While

Instead, use up all of the edible food that’s currently in the refrigerator and freezer. There’s no need to do this in a single day! Simply continue doing this until both compartments have nothing left in them that you or your family are willing to eat.

2. Throw Out All of the Food That’s Left After Step 1

It’ll be easy now because you’ll be sure that there’s nothing in there that you want.

3. Turn Off the Fridge

Then, clean all of its surfaces. Use a diluted bleach solution if you suspect mold spores are around. Otherwise, use a solution of general-purpose cleaner. If you bleach first, use general-purpose cleaner next to bring in a fresh scent.

4. Turn the Fridge Back On

You may now resume grocery shopping. Don’t buy so much food that you’ll have a lot of leftovers. This will help keep the amount of food you need to store in check.

5. From Now on, Go Through the Fridge on a Weekly Basis

Throw out any accumulating, unwanted items. Remember that you don’t have to keep everything that is still technically edible. If you tried something new and found that nobody liked it, the chance of you or a family member actually eating it is minimal. Go ahead and toss such items immediately.

By following these simple steps, you can take back control of your refrigerator and freezer. Even better, you’ll be able to maintain that control from here on out.

To see some of our great apartment homes with spacious refrigerators, just stop by our office. We’ll be glad to give you a tour of our available apartments.

Jul 17

How to Throw a Picnic for National Picnic Month

Outdoor Space at Presidential TowersJuly is National Picnic Month and Presidential Towers makes it easy for you to throw the perfect picnic party for family and friends. We offer a barbecue and picnic area, a play area for the children, a sundeck, and beautifully landscaped grounds where you can play games, take a leisurely walk or snap a few pictures with fellow partygoers. Here are some ideas you’ll want to consider when planning a picnic either at your apartment or in a nearby park.

It’s All About the Food

Food is the highlight of any picnic, so make sure you have enough. It’s better to have leftovers than it is to have to run out shopping in the middle of your event. If you aren’t sure if some picnic attendees have allergies or diet restrictions, ask.

Choose easy to prepare foods that aren’t too hard to eat on paper plates. Hamburgers and hot dogs may sound simple but they are almost always ideal. Barbecued chicken, steaks and vegetables are great if prepared in advance so you just have to plop them on the grill and watch them cook. Have coolers with cold refreshments and chopped fruits and vegetables that everyone can enjoy while the food is cooking.

Make it Entertaining

Have some entertainment options aside from sitting, chatting and eating. Board games and card games are great for those who don’t want to run around right after eating. Try to opt for games that can be played while eating. Games are a good way to learn more about your family and friends. Vigorous games are great if you have time to play before a picnic. Bring a ball, frisbee, baseball and bat and other sports accessories you have on hand and enjoy some exercise before you sit down to eat.

Presidential Towers offers conveniently located apartments in Chicago that include generous closet space, cultured marble vanities, central heat and air and more. Get in touch with us to find out more about our floor plans, community amenities, on-site cyber center and pet policy. Call our office at your convenience to inquire about our availability!

Jun 17

Enjoy a Summer Vacation at a Waterton Managed Hotel

Hotel RoomWhen you start feeling like you need to get away this summer and aren’t sure where to go, you may find an unexpected resource when it comes to your vacation planning. Staying at Presidential Towers doesn’t just provide you with excellent floor plans and amazing amenities, it may just be the key to budgeting that dream getaway you were hoping for this year.

Time Out for Fun

Presidential Towers is managed by Waterton, and the group manages more than just apartment communities. Waterton manages hotels that you can visit if you’re looking to get out of town. Keep in mind that special pricing is only valid now until August 31, 2017. To take advantage of these special summer rates, simply call the designated phone number associated with the hotel of your choice and request the Waterton corporate rate.

From California to Massachusetts, relax and unwind in one of these amazing hotels.


Westin San Francisco Airport, Aloft San Francisco, Hyatt Place San Jose: Northern California has everything from the Winchester Mystery House to the Aquarium of the Bay to the House of Prime Rib. Those at Presidential Towers can stay at Westin San Francisco Airport and Aloft San Francisco Airport in Millbrae (near San Francisco) starting from $159 on the weekdays and $99 on the weekends. In San Jose, you can stay at Hyatt Place San Jose for 20% off the best available rate.


Courtyard Boston Marlborough, Sheraton Framingham, Sheraton Needham, and DoubleTree Westborough: Massachusetts has a lot of history just waiting to be discovered. At Courtyard Boston Marlborough, rates start from $139 on the weekdays and $99 on the weekends. Stay in Framingham at Sheraton Framingham for rates starting from $159 on weekdays and $99 on weekends. At Sheraton Needham and DoubleTree Westborough, it’s just $99 as the starting rate.


DoubleTree Skokie: For a little twist on a staycation this year, choose DoubleTree Skokie for a $99 starting rate.


Westin Columbus, Aloft Beachwood, Comfort Inn Piqua: Visit Ohio to meet some people who want to meet you! In Columbus, you can stay for as low as $159 on the weekdays and $99 on the weekends at Westin Columbus. Stay in Beachwood at Aloft Beachwood for $89 (starting rate), and in Piqua at Comfort Inn Piqua for $49 (starting rate).


DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport: See a Pirates game when you stay in Moon Township at DoubleTree Pittsburgh Airport for just $89 (starting rate).


Sheraton Madison: Sample some cheese and see what all the fuss is about in Madison for $99 (starting rate) at Sheraton Madison.

Our Chicago apartments are great for sampling different cultures, but there’s more out there. To be a part of the Waterton experience, call Presidential Towers for a tour this summer!

Jun 17

Get Ready for the New McDonald’s Corporate Headquarters

Conference RoomMcDonald’s new corporate headquarters is coming to Chicago, taking over the space where Oprah’s Harpo Studios once called home. This is a huge development for Chicago’s West Loop, as McDonald’s is building a 12-story block-wide building that will provide 1,100 new jobs in the area. While McDonald’s won’t own the building, it will occupy most of the commercial space within after vacating at their current site in southwest suburban Oak Brook.

Vitality Returning to the West Loop in Chicago

This new move for McDonald’s Headquarters is expected to bring in a number of suppliers and other businesses into the West Loop area, helping to revitalize a part of Chicago that has been slow to regenerate after Harpo Studios moved out. The original Harpo Studios building has been knocked down in preparation for this 250 million dollar project, one of the bigger construction projects in the West Loop for some time.

With the influx of 1,100 new jobs plus the added construction jobs over the next year or so, residents in Chicago will have considerable opportunities in the next few years. While McDonald’s plans to move out of their current headquarters in 2018 and move into the new building, no date is set for the official move.

With this new influx of job opportunities, residents of Chicago are in a better position to find jobs that will sustain their current quality of life.

Whether you work in retail, or you have a Master’s Degree in business, there are new chances throughout the city of Chicago to find a job that offers potential. With McDonald’s Headquarters moving in, this is only going to benefit the city and those that work here. When you want to live in a city that is working hard to grow and prosper, it’s time to consider a move to Chicago.

We offer apartments in Chicago at Presidential Towers ranging from studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans to meet all of your living needs. Our floor plans feature chef caliber kitchens, generous closet space and decorator light. To learn more about which floor plans are available today, give us a call at (866) 273-0973.

Jun 17

Have You Seen the Google Office in the West Loop Yet?

Office and ComputersTech companies seemingly move at the speed of light, with new products, programs, and software flooding the market at every possible turn. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. When a tech company moves offices it may not be quite as exciting as a new product release, but perhaps it should be. Residents at our Chicago apartments should really get around to seeing Google’s ‘new’ office in the West Loop if they haven’t yet.

History and Happenings

Google Chicago used to be on Kinzie Street for more than 10 years. Unsurprisingly though, Google needed more space as the company continued to establish its reputation in the public for being the most efficient search engine available. West Loop was really nothing more than a spot for food wholesalers and meatpackers when the move was announced many moons ago, but that changed quickly.

Key investors started watching (and buying) property since the deal was made public almost six years ago. Google’s future presence instantly made office, retail, and restaurant space become instantly more coveted, which meant that many of the current owners were only too eager to capitalize on the rising property values and move on.

Long Awaited

At the ribbon cutting, the city saw Bruce Rauner and Rahm Emanuel meet with Google leaders to celebrate the addition to the West Loop. The first thing you should know about the West Loop headquarters is that it’s massive. With more than 200,000 square feet across 5 floors, Google has certainly made its mark in an already impressive city. That’s more than 50,000 square feet more than what they had before!

The office is home to 650 employees, which brings revenue up in the area and attracts people of all kinds to get a sense of how technology can improve everyone’s life on a city-wide scale. It’s time to witness the transformation that’s taking place right in your backyard.

Google is probably the first place you turn if you’re in search of any kind of information. For those looking for the best in apartment living, check out Presidential Towers for the amenities and floor plans you need to live the life you want. Give us a call today for more information!

May 17

The History of Memorial Day

American FlagAs residents of apartments in Chicago get ready to start the summer with Memorial Day barbecues, the name of this holiday may seem like a curious anomaly. Today, it is typically a day of celebration, with the aforementioned barbecues being the highlight of days off of work and school. This festive atmosphere, however, was once far from the tone the day would take. Instead, it started out as a solemn day of remembrance.

The History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day was, and officially still is, dedicated to the memories of fallen soldiers. Originally, it was a springtime day during which people would decorate the soldiers’ graves with flags and hold memorial ceremonies in their honor. This practice also gave it its original name: Decoration Day.

The war that prompted this event was the Civil War, and many communities independently held ceremonies for their fallen troops. However, Waterloo, New York, was responsible for setting the original date as well as the practice of closing businesses for the event.

The date of Waterloo’s first organized event was May 5, 1866. Later, however, the date was changed to May 30 and remained so until the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed. At that time, the day was officially declared a national holiday and renamed Memorial Day. Its celebration date was also changed to the last Monday in May.

For many years after its origination, Decoration/Memorial Day remained dedicated only to those who fell while fighting in the Civil War. However, when World War I occurred, the day was expanded to include all soldiers who we lost during war. Since then, the practice of using it to honor all fallen soldiers has continued.

Do People Still Decorate Burials on Memorial Day?

Some people do still consider this to be a solemn day of remembrance and decorate the burials of fallen soldiers as part of the observance. However, most now consider it a day to party and hold barbecues. It is also a day for parades, and Chicago has one of the biggest.

Whether you want to honor all those who have sacrificed or grill hamburgers on this day, make sure you have a comfortable place to call home. Stop by our office to see our available apartment homes.

May 17

Check Out These Events in Chicago This Summer!

Fireworks at NightIf you live in an apartment in Chicago, you already know the options are endless when it comes to food, culture, and fun. Called the “city of neighborhoods,” every day in Chicago can bring new adventures. You can start your morning with a nature walk through one of the many parks and recreational centers or at the gorgeous lake front. Spend midafternoon at an art museum or shopping along the Magnificent Mile. Your dinner might be a five-star affair while drinks could be consumed at an eclectic bar. There’s no limit to the various cuisines and group activities in Chicago.

While any day can be an experience, there are some fantastic scheduled events in the city you won’t want to miss this summer.

Events in Chicago This Summer

If you’re looking for fun scheduled events in the city this summer, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Here are just a few things to mark down on your calendar:

Wrigley Field 

Every Cubs game is an event and you should definitely add one to your summer bucket list. Make sure to catch at least one game by the 2016 MLB World Series champions this season.

Navy Pier Fireworks

The pier is always a good time but the Fourth of July fireworks display is epic beyond belief. Get there early and make a whole day of it.

Taste of Chicago

You can’t miss the Taste of Chicago, happening July 5 through July 9 at Grant Park. This festival features all the best foods the city has to offer along with some of the best musical offerings on multiple stages.

Summer Concert Series

There are always concerts going on in the heart of the city during the summer months. Some great things to look forward to include Riot Fest and Lollapalooza.

Chicago Blues Festival

Blues and Jazz are the city’s signature musical events. You definitely don’t want to miss this festival, happening June 9 through June 11 at Millennium Park. Admission is free, so grab a friend and enjoy some tunes.

Boat Tour

There are many different boat tours you can take from Navy Pier. The most highly acclaimed is the architectural tour. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, it’s a trip you won’t want to miss.

Looking for an Apartment in Chicago?

If you’re looking for a Chicago apartment near the West Loop, you can’t beat the amenities and comfort of Presidential Towers. With floor plans available to fit your lifestyle, you’ll find all of the comforts of home. Added perks include onsite dining options, a fitness formula health club, concierge, and garage parking. Contact us today to inquire about availability.

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